CWRU Data Analytics Boot Camp: Re-launching My Career


Anna Ho Headshot

In 2008, Anna Ho was a forecasting and planning analyst at KeyBank when she left her position to attend to family commitments. In 2018, Anna began researching ways to re-launch her career.

Volunteer positions had helped Anna maintain and nurture her soft skills, including communication and leadership. In seeking ways to improve and update her technical skills, Anna found the CWRU Boot Camp program offered content that aligned with her new career goals.

After the CWRU six-month part time boot camp, Anna was confident in her prospects for a new career.

Anna describes the CWRU Boot Camp experience as one of the most intense periods. “I was learning 22 different types of technologies in 24 weeks, and without any programming experience, it was a lot of hard work.”

Anna’s passion for learning was a big asset. “I didn’t realize that I have this much capacity to do so much self-learning and research. I had been out of school for so long and it was extraordinary to learn how to learn again. The CWRU boot camp really boosted my self-confidence.”

While still enrolled in the CWRU Data Analytics Boot Camp, Anna accepted a job offer at the same company she worked at 11 years previously. In her return to KeyBank, Anna took a position as a business analyst.

Now that she has returned to the workforce, Anna is confident that the new skills acquired, and the new technologies she learned during the CWRU Boot Camp will be valuable to her company.

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