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Lessons Learned from Space Shuttle External Tank Development, NASA and Lockheed Martin HERE.



"We participated in the LIFT Lightweighting courses that Case Western Reserve University-Siegal Lifelong Learning Program offered at ASM International. All of the courses were of excellent quality. The instructors were extremely proficient and dedicated, and one could tell that they were passionate about the topics they were presenting. The small class size was effective to learning, and the materials and locations were excellent. I believe these certificate courses are excellent for training both early and mid-career engineers." --Brian Neiss, Engineering Manager, Lockheed Martin Corporation

"I completed the LIFT Lightweighting Certificate course offered by Case Western Reserve University's Siegal Lifelong Learning Program at ASM International Headquarters and found it to be very educational. The instructors were very knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. I believe this certificate course is a great resource for training early career engineers. I highly recommend this course.” -- Joe Kaczmarski, Application Engineer, Materion Corporation


I am a big fan of the public-private partnerships and I think that together we are better as a region, state and nation. The LIFT initiative at CWRU supports our mission for providing lifelong training to incumbent workers. Perfect timing.” -- Monica Dumitriu, Project Director, Professional Education, Siegal Lifelong Learning Program, Case Western Reserve University