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The Asana Project Management Certificate program prepares students for careers in project management through hands-on practice with tools such as Asana and spreadsheets. Students gain a strong understanding of core project management concepts, including stakeholder management, risk management, and tracking key milestones. Through projects, students will practice their skills and build a portfolio of work to show to future employers, in addition to earning a certificate co-branded with Case Western Reserve University and Asana. This program was created in partnership with Asana and is fully online.


I would recommend this certificate course to others because they can learn a lot, while getting the practice that is necessary to get into Project Management. Hands down, the projects/labs were better than anything I've gotten in previous online courses. Simply reading slides and taking tests does not work for me. Being able to apply what was learned in these sections has better prepared me for life as a Project Manager. - Asana Project Management Student