Student Testimonials

Headshot John D

John D. - 2023 Digital Music Production Student
I have been wanting to learn about audio recording, mixing and mastering concepts for many years, but never set aside the time to teach myself or learn from experts, in part because even as a long-time musician I found the material both overwhelming and intimidating. After taking this course, I found is still overwhelming! But it is no longer intimidating as I now have a basic understanding of the basic concepts involved and how to apply both the concepts and the technologies to create an end product in which I can take pride.

Matthew's Headshot

Matthew D. - 2023 Digital Music Production Student
I've wanted to get into music production for several years now, but found it difficult to get started. The software seemed complicated and overwhelming; there was so much I didn't know! Ricky and Ken made everything so much more approachable and easy for me to understand in this course. I appreciated the fact that I could always ask questions - whether it was during our weekly sessions on Zoom or through Discord. Now I feel comfortable with Ableton Live, whether I'm working with MIDI or recorded audio. Looking forward to creating more music in the future!


Julie L. - 2022 Digital Music Production Student
"This course gave me a good chance to learn how to use Ableton to record midi and audio, and do mixing, reverb and master. Each session had a very clear syllabus and detailed instructions on Delta Sound Labs. Ken was very nice and patient to help us solve problems in the class. This course enabled me to take an essential first step in music production!"

Susan M.- 2021 Digital Music Production Student
"Great for newbies to electronic music production!  The instructor touched on everything from getting the program up and running to mastering a finished set.  Each part was given enough time and detail for a beginner to dive in and start creating.  A+!"

Eric R. - 2021 Digital Music Production Student
"This course was great, there aren't very many opportunities like this, I feel so lucky to have been a part of this. I learned everything from maneuvering through the program to creating sounds I never thought I'd be able to make. Even though this course was for beginners, I still learned more than I would have by myself in a few weeks rather than taking months. The best part is that you'll still have contact with the teachers so you'll be able to ask questions, receive genuine feedback, and be a part of their educational community they've created. They cover everything at a great pace and are very patient. Thanks again guys!"

Christina - 2021 Digital Music Production Student
"Delta Sound Labs' Digital Music Production course offers a comprehensive introduction to composing, mixing and mastering through Ableton Live Intro. The course is supplemented by DSL plug-ins for Ableton, relevant reading selections, recordings of each class, and the opportunity for feedback and help through the course's Discord chat. I learned an enormous amount over the six-week module, and have already begun to incorporate what I've learned into new material for both recordings and live performances. I'd highly recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their skill set in digital music production. Ricky and Ken are extremely knowledgeable and down to earth. The amount of time they've invested in both preparing the course material, and being available for questions and technical issues was beyond my expectations in the best way possible. I'm looking forward to taking other Delta Sound Labs courses in the future!"

Connie Fu Headshot 2

Connie Fu - Principal at Seadragon Creative, LLC
"I learned so much about Ableton workflow from Ricky. He is really good at offering knowledge and ways to approach processes whilst also encouraging the student to forge their own path through the tools. Ricky also gave thoughtful feedback on my compositions, and challenged me to continue honing my technical skills and expressive potential. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to grow as a musician to work with Ricky."

Bob Drake - Artist and Adjunct Faculty at Cleveland Institute of Art
"Ricky knows Ableton inside and out, and does a wonderful job of passing on that knowledge to students and colleagues alike.  As a practitioner as well as an instructor, he's uniquely able to put the technical information into practical context, which in turn helps students to actually use the tool and techniques he's teaching.  Highly recommended, whether you're a beginner or seasoned Ableton user." 

Walsh headshot

Jonathan Walsh - Parent of Delta Sound Labs EDU student, Xavier Walsh
"Delta Sound Labs has got it going on.  I sent my son to the Ableton classes because he's so interested in music.  He learned a lot in a little bit of time.  He'd been self taught up until then, but having a lesson plan and teachers available to work through problems really accelerated his learning.  Ricky and Ken are full of knowledge about Ableton, and present it in clear, understandable lessons.  Classes are small and that gives a lot of time for questions and working through problems.  Best of all everyone who shows up is anxious to learn, and a lot of students come with great knowledge of their own tips and tricks.  I was able to sit through many of the classes as an "observer" while my son was taking them and I was impressed with the knowledge he walked away with.  Projects he previously spent weeks on were finally able to be finished in days. Money well spent."