Student Testimonials

Connie Fu Headshot 2

Connie Fu - Principal at Seadragon Creative, LLC
"I learned so much about Ableton workflow from Ricky. He is really good at offering knowledge and ways to approach processes whilst also encouraging the student to forge their own path through the tools. Ricky also gave thoughtful feedback on my compositions, and challenged me to continue honing my technical skills and expressive potential. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to grow as a musician to work with Ricky."

Bob Drake - Artist and Adjunct Faculty at Cleveland Institute of Art
"Ricky knows Ableton inside and out, and does a wonderful job of passing on that knowledge to students and colleagues alike.  As a practitioner as well as an instructor, he's uniquely able to put the technical information into practical context, which in turn helps students to actually use the tool and techniques he's teaching.  Highly recommended, whether you're a beginner or seasoned Ableton user." 

Walsh headshot

Jonathan Walsh - Parent of Delta Sound Labs EDU student, Xavier Walsh
"Delta Sound Labs has got it going on.  I sent my son to the Ableton classes because he's so interested in music.  He learned a lot in a little bit of time.  He'd been self taught up until then, but having a lesson plan and teachers available to work through problems really accelerated his learning.  Ricky and Ken are full of knowledge about Ableton, and present it in clear, understandable lessons.  Classes are small and that gives a lot of time for questions and working through problems.  Best of all everyone who shows up is anxious to learn, and a lot of students come with great knowledge of their own tips and tricks.  I was able to sit through many of the classes as an "observer" while my son was taking them and I was impressed with the knowledge he walked away with.  Projects he previously spent weeks on were finally able to be finished in days. Money well spent."