Department of Biomedical Engineering
Mission   |   Rationale



The mission of the center involves research, education and technology transfer.

The research mission of the center is to bring to bear combined tools in physics, mathematics, chemistry, engineering and neuroscience to analyze the mechanisms underlying neuronal function and to solve the clinical problems associated with neuronal dysfunction. This mission will be accomplished by providing a framework to foster interdisciplinary research between clinicians, scientists, students and local industry.

The education mission of the center is to educate research engineers and scientists with an integrated knowledge of engineering and neuroscience capable of solving problems in neuroscience ranging from the molecules to the clinic. This mission will be accomplished by providing mentoring that span the entire range of the neural engineering field from cellular, and molecular to clinical exposure and emphasizing the integration of both engineering and neuroscience.

Finally the center will be an outlet for technology transfer of new ideas to be commercialized by industrial partners. This will be accomplished by involving interested industrial partners in the research of the center investigators early in the process as well as in the educational aspect.