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Friday, January 27, 2017
NEC Seminar

Nord 400, 9:00 AM
Speaker: Kubinar Gunalan
Advisor: Prof. Cameron McIntyre
Title: TBA

Friday, January 20, 2017
Neural Prosthesis Seminar

Wolstein Auditorium, 8:30 AM
Speaker: Stephen B. McMahon
Div. Neuroscience, Kings College London
Title: Chronic pain mechanisms and how they may be affected by spinal cord stimulation

Friday, January 13, 2017
NEC Seminar

Nord 400, 9:00 AM
Speaker: Rajat Shivacharan
Advisor: Prof. Dominique Durand

Title: Can neural activity propagate via electric fields?

Abstract: Although electric fields are frequently overlooked due to more prominent neuron to neuron communication such as synaptic transmission, current studies on epileptiform behavior strongly suggest electric field transmission can play an important role in neural propagation. Experiments conducted in our lab have shown that propagation of epileptiform behavior in rodent hippocampi propagates at a unique speed of 0.1 m/s and can take place in the absence of synaptic transmission, leaving electric field as the logical mode of transmission. However, none of these studies show that the spontaneous bursting activity is solely generated from electric fields. Using in vitro experiments, we test the hypothesis that spontaneous epileptiform activity in the hippocampus can propagate via electric fields.