Group Members


Postdoctoral Researcher

Bernadette Schneider

Professional Photo of Bernadette Schneider


Bernadette is a jointly appointed postdoc facilitating collaboration between the Renner Lab and Duval Lab. She is developing novel chemistries for peptide-functionalized membranes and rare earth element recovery. 


Current Graduate Students

Rebecca Ahn

Musculoskeletal Training Fellow

Headshot of Rebecca Ahn


Rebecca is a PhD student studying polyproline monolayer assembly and its antifouling properties. 


Geeta Verma

Professional photo of Geeta Verma


Geeta is a PhD student investigating engineered peptides for rare earth element recovery.


Sogol Asaei

Headshot of Sogol Asaei


Sogol is a PhD student studying fundamental surface-bound elastin properties.


Terril Vallikalam

Professional Photo of Terril Vallikalam

Email: txv106@case.ed

Terril is a PhD student studying nutrient recovery using engineered peptides. 


Henry Grome

Headshot of Henry Grome


Henry is an MS student studying antifouling and antimicrobial systems. 



Current Undergraduate Students

Elena Ising 

Headshot of Elena Ising


Elena is working on bioengineered nutrient recycling technology. 


Ben Kau

Professional photo of Ben Kau


Ben works on a collaborative project with the Martin Lab developing nanodiamond sensors.


Caeden Couch

Professional photo of Caeden Couch


Caeden is working on electrochemical methods to detect conformational changes of peptides on surfaces. 


Sophia Chan

Professional photo of Sophia Chan


Sophia is working to characterize the behavior and structure of peptides on solids surfaces.


Zijian Wang

Professional photo of Zijian Wang


Zijian is working on developing peptide-based materials for REE separation.