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The Widening Opportunities for Women in Science (WOWS) Program

The WOWS Program is a 4-week, hands-on research experience for female high-school students attending the John Hay Campus in Cleveland. The program invites students to participate in research on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons during the summer. Students will learn about engineering and science majors, meet with researchers, and work on their own research projects. At the end of the program, the students will share their experiences with their peers and mentors at a celebration gathering.

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Photo of John Hay Highschool
By Paul Sableman - John Hay High School, CC BY 2.0


A Hands-on Experience in Project Management for a Graduate-Level Protein Engineering Class

We have developed a hands-on polypeptide engineering experience that focuses on project management for a graduate-level course. The goal is to have doctoral students in chemical engineering learn about project planning tools, and experience what it might be like to plan and execute a project in industry or business. Links to the documents associated with this exercise are below:

To learn more about project management from a grants perspective see our recent presentation

AIChE Women in Chemical Engineering (WIC)

AIChE Women in Chemical Engineering (WIC)


WIC’s mission is to promote the entry, development, and full participation of women in the profession, and plans a substantial amount of programming in support of that mission each year. Please join the WIC community: attend some of excellent sessions, network, and apply for awards! 

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