PeopleSoft Financials News

PeopleSoft Financials upgrade was completed on Monday February 12th. Users will need to clear their web browser cache for both PeopleSoft Financials ( and Financial Reporting ( For questions on how to clear cache visit the FAQ page or contact the help desk at 368-HELP.

For users that use the Excel upload tool a new version of that will be required. Please check with your IT support staff before installing any new software. After checking with your staff and you still require the download please email

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PeopleSoft Financials and PeopleSoft Financials Reporting are composed of many different modules. 

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Manuals & Guides

Financials and HCM training manuals along with some commonly used reference guides are on-hand to assist you. 

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Do you need to take in-person or online CWRU Administrative Professional Series (CAPS) course?