Committee on Faculty Personnel

Members 2021-2022


Jeremy Bendik-Keymer, chair
Professor in Ethics & Associate Professor of Philosophy
College of Arts and Sciences

Andrew Reimer, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing 2019-2022
Claudia Mizutani, College of Arts and Sciences 2021-2024
Robert Fischer, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences 2020-2023
Colleen Croniger, School of Medicine 2021-2024
Rohan Akolkar, Case School of Engineering 2019-2022
Michael Goldberg, Weatherhead School of Management 2020-2023
ex officio  
David Matthiesen, Case School of Engineering, member of Faculty Compensation  

Donald Feke, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Academic and Faculty Affairs

Charles Rozek, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Academic and Faculty Affairs  
Robert Solomon, Faculty Diversity Officer  


From the By-Laws of the Faculty Senate, By-Law VII., Item e., Par. 1-3:

"1) The Committee on Faculty Personnel shall consist of a deputy designated by the President, a member of the Committee on Faculty Compensation elected by that committee to serve ex officio, the Faculty Diversity Officer to serve ex officio, and nine voting members of the University Faculty elected by the Faculty Senate. The term of membership on the Committee on Faculty Personnel shall be three years; three members shall be elected each year. Each elected member shall be eligible for re-election only after the lapse of at least one year following the expiration of two consecutive three-year terms of membership.

2) The Committee on Faculty Personnel shall review faculty personnel policies and procedures, including those having to do with appointment, reappointment, promotion, tenure and retirement, and shall recommend to the Faculty Senate as to desirable changes in these policies and procedures.

3) At least once during each academic year, the Committee on Faculty Personnel, or one of its subcommittees, shall discuss with the Provost or Dean of each constituent faculty the personnel policies and procedures of that faculty. Each year the Committee shall request of the chief academic officer of the University a report on personnel actions in the categories designated in Paragraph (2) of this item."