Faculty Senate Members

Faculty Senate 2022-2023

Name Building Phone Email
Steven Eppell, Chair Case School of Engineering   sje@cas.edu
Peter A. Shulman, past chair College of Arts and Sciences   pas125@case.edu
Maureen W. McEnery, vice chair School of Medicine   mwm4@case.edu
Kelly Rindfleisch Marcus, Secretary of the University Faculty, Director of Emeriti Affairs Adelbert Hall, Room 320 216.368.0705 krm78@case.edu



Eric Kaler, President 
Ben Vinson III, Provost & Executive Vice President
Peter Harte, Chair, Committee on By-Laws
Anita Aminoshariae, Chair, Committee on Faculty Compensation
Jeremy Bendik-Keymer/Robert Fischer, Chair, Committee on Faculty Personnel
Simon Peck, Chair, Finance Committee
Corbin Covault, Chair, Committee on Graduate Studies
Scott Moore, Chair, Committee on Information & Communication Technology
Amy Przeworski, Chair, Committee on Minority Affairs
Evelyn Duffy, Chair, Nominating Committee
Catherine Demko, Chair, Committee on Research
Kurt Rhoads, Chair, Committee on Undergraduate Education
Paul Iversen, Chair, Committee on University Libraries
Usha Steifel, Chair, Committee on Women Faculty
Hailey Latta, Vice President of Academic Affairs, USG
Ashley Mueller, Director of Advocacy, GSC
Nidhi Shulka, Co-President, Postdoctoral Association
Nancy Rolock, Co-Chair, ad hoc Committee on COVID impact
Danny Manor, Co-Chair, ad hoc Committee on Shared Governance



Name School Senate Role Term
Aviva Rothman CAS Elected Senator 2022-2025
Brian Gran CAS Elected Senator 2022-2025
Beverly Saylor CAS Elected Senator 2021-2024
Timothy Wutrich CAS Elected Senator (Completing Term for Cullis' Sabbatical 2022-2023) 2020-2023
Cyrus Taylor CAS Elected Senator 2020-2023
Janet McGrath CAS Elected Senator 2022-2025
Karen Beckwith CAS Elected Senator 2021-2024
Maggie Popkin CAS Elected Senator;
Senate Executive Committee Member 22-23 (Sabbatical Sept-Dec 2021)
Robert Greene CAS Elected Senator, replacement for Tolbert 2021-2024; continuing for Blanton Tolbert
Vera Tobin CAS Elected Senator 2022-2025
Anirban Sen Gupta CSE Elected Senator 2022-2025
Heidi Martin CSE Elected Senator;
Senate Executive Committee Member 22-23
Harold Connamacher CSE Elected Senator 2022-2025
Jeffrey Capadona CSE Elected Senator 2020-2023
Matthew Willard CSE Elected Senator 2020-2023
Anat Beck LAW Elected Senator 2022-2025
Joseph Custer LAW Elected Senator 2021-2024
Juscelino Colares LAW Elected Senator;
Senate Executive Committee Member 22-23
Ann Nguyen MSASS Elected Senator 2022-2025
Dana Prince MSASS Elected Senator 2021-2024
Megan Holmes MSASS Elected Senator;
Senate Executive Committee Member 22-23
Patrick Kennedy PHED Elected Senator 2021-2024
Anita Aminoshariae  SODM Elected Senator 2022-2025
Aaron Weinberg SODM Elected Senator 2020-2023
Jerold Goldberg SODM Elected Senator;
Senate Executive Committee Member 22-23
Alan D. Levine SOM Elected Senator;
Senate Executive Committee Member 22-23
Brian Cobb SOM Elected Senator 2020-2023
Soumya Chatterjee SOM Elected Senator 2022-2025
Darin Andrew Croft SOM Elected Senator 2020-2023
Michael Faulx SOM Elected Senator 2021-2024
Jamie Wood SOM Elected Senator
(Completing Wise term (Started July 2022))
Luis Tollinche SOM Elected Senator 2022-2025
Dennis Lal SOM Elected Senator (Completing McBride term (Started fall 2022)) 2021-2024
Robert Bonomo SOM Elected Senator 2021-2024
Elvera Baron SOM Elected Senator 2022-2025
Carolyn Harmon Still SON Elected Senator 2020-2023
Sonya Moore SON Elected Senator (replaced Lindell Fall 2021); Senate Executive Committee Member 22-23 2020-2023
Latina Brooks SON Elected Senator 2022-2025
Molly Jackson SON Elected Senator 2022-2025
Susan Mazanec SON Elected Senator 2021-2024
David Clingingsmith WSOM Elected Senator  2021-2024
James Gilmore WSOM Elected Senator  2021-2024
Phil Cola WSOM Elected Senator, Senate Executive Committee member 22-23 2020-2023