Faculty Senate Members 2023-2024


Name School Senate Role Senatorial Term
A. Bolu Ajiboye CSE Elected Senator 2023-2026
Mohsin Ali SODM Elected Senator 2023-2026
Anita Aminoshariae SODM Elected Senator 2022-2025
Sarah Augustine SOM Elected Senator 2023-2026
Elvera Baron SOM Elected Senator, Executive Committee Member 2023-2024 2022-2025
Anat Beck LAW Elected Senator, Executive Committee Member 2023-2024 2022-2025
Karen Beckwith CAS Elected Senator 2021-2024
Jeremy Bendik-Keymer (CAS) Chair, Committee on Faculty Personnel 2023-2024 2023-2024
Robert Bonomo SOM Elected Senator 2021-2024
Jenny Brynjarsdóttir CAS Elected Senator 2023-2026
Jennifer Carter CSE Elected Senator 2023-2026
Susan Case WSOM Elected Senator, Executive Committee Member 2023-2024 2023-2026
Soumya Chatterjee SOM Elected Senator 2022-2025
David Clingingsmith WSOM Elected Senator  2021-2024
Harold Connamacher CSE Elected Senator, Executive Committee Member 2023-2024 2022-2025
Corbin Covault (CAS) Chair, Graduate Studies 2023-2024 2023-2024
Jennifer Cupar (LAW) Chair, Women Faculty 2023-2024 2023-2024
Joseph Custer LAW Elected Senator 2021-2024
Catherine Demko (SODM) Chair, Committee on Research 2022-2024 2023-2024
Evelyn Duffy SON Elected Senator, Executive Committee Member 2023-2024 2023-2026
Steven Eppell (CSE) Faculty Senate, Past chair  2023-2024
Michael Faulx SOM Elected Senator 2021-2024
Jose Olavarria WSOM Elected Senator  2023-2026 *Started in 1/2024 for Fine
James Gilmore WSOM Elected Senator  2021-2024
Brian Gran CAS Elected Senator 2022-2025
Robert Greene CAS Elected Senator replacement for Tolbert who became vice dean 2021-2024; continuing for Blanton Tolbert
Mark Hans (SODM) Chair, Nominating Committee 2023-2024 2023-2024
Peter Harte (SOM) Chair, By-Laws Committee 2020-2024 2023-2024
Benjamin Helton (CAS) ad hoc Committee Chair- Social Media Protection Policy 2023-2024 2023-2024
Anna Maria Hibbs SOM Elected Senator 2023-2026
Susan Hinze  CAS Elected Senator 2023-2026
Molly Jackson SON Elected Senator 2022-2025
Dan Jaffe LAW Elected Senator 2023-2026
Eric Kaler ex-officio ex-officio, President  
Patrick Kennedy PHED Elected Senator 2021-2024
Kurt Koenigsberger  CAS Elected Senator 2023-2026
Hayley Latta   student, undergraduate (VP of Academic Affairs-USG) 2023-2024
Kenneth Ledford (CAS) ad hoc Committee Chair Spring 2024
Thomas Lipker   student, graduate  (Director of Academic Affairs - GSC/ Director of Advocacy) Lipker- Vice-Presidents of Diversity and Advocacy for the CWRU Graduate Student Council) 2023-2024
Heidi Martin CSE Elected Senator 2021-2024
Susan Mazanec SON Elected Senator 2021-2024
Maureen McEnery (SOM) Faculty Senate, Chair 2023-2024
Janet McGrath CAS* Senator 2022-2025; Elected Ex Officio 2023-2026 Elected Senator, Vice Chair 2022-2025
Kathryn Mercer (LAW) Chair, Committee on University Libraries 2023-2024 2023-2024
William Merrick (SOM) Chair, Faculty Compensation 2023-2024 2023-2024
Ann Nguyen MSASS Elected Senator 2022-2025
Nancy Oleinick non-voting member Chair, Emeriti Academy Executive Committee September 2023-September 2024
Patrick Osei-Owusu SOM Elected Senator (Started 5/23 for Lal. Lal Started Fall 2022 for McBride) 2021-2024
Simon Peck (WSOM) Chair, Finance 2020-2024 2023-2024
Federico Perez SOM Elected Senator 2023-2026
Ralitsa Petkova WSOM Elected Senator 2023-2026
Matthew Plow (SON) Chair, Information and Communications Technology  2023-2024 2023-2024
Dana Prince MSASS Elected Senator, Executive Committee Member 2023-2024 (sabbatical Fall 2022) 2021-2024
Amy Przeworski (CAS) Chair, Minority Affairs 2019-2024 2023-2024
Kelly Rindfleisch Marcus ex-officio ex-officio, Secretary of the University Faculty  
Aviva Rothman CAS Elected Senator, Executive Committee Member 2023-2024 2022-2025
Carol Savrin SON Elected Senator 2023-2026
Beverly Saylor CAS Elected Senator 2021-2024
Anirban Sen Gupta CSE Elected Senator 2022-2025
Shashi Singh   Postdoc Representative to Faculty Senate/ Intercouncil Leadership - Postdoc Association President 2023-2024
Glenn Starkman (CAS) Chair, Campus Planning, Facilities and Space Committee 2023-2024 2023-2024
Stephanie Griggs SON Elected Senator (started 10/2023 for Latina Brooks who became Assistant Dean) 2022-2025
Vera Tobin CAS Elected Senator 2022-2025
Luis Tollinche SOM Elected Senator 2022-2025
Ibrahim Tulunoglu SODM Elected Senator, Executive Committee Member 2023-2024 2023-2026
Susan Wang (SOM) Chair, FSCUE 2023-2024 2023-2024
Joy Ward ex-officio ex-officio  
Jessica Wojtalik MSASS Elected Senator 2023-2026
Jamie Wood SOM Elected Senator 2023-2026