Committee on Graduate Studies

Members 2019-2020

Corbin Covaultchair, Professor
College of Arts and Sciences, Physics
Hope Barkoukis, School of Medicine 2017-2020
TBD, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing 2019-2020
Victor Groza, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences 2019-2022
Umut Gurkan, Case School of Engineering 2018-2021
Leena Palomo, School of Dental Medicine 2018-2021
Jeffrey Capadona, Case School of Engineering 2018-2021
Gregory Jonas, Weatherhead School of Management 2019-2022
Paul MacDonald, School of Medicine 2017-2020
ex officio  
Charles Rozek, Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate Studies  
Lynmarie Hamel, Senior Associate Dean, Graduate Studies  

Stephanie Endy, Associate Vice President for Research


Graduate Students (4) (at least one to be professional school student) 
Elizabeth Williams
Jason Brooker


Postdoctoral Fellow

Elliane Irani



From the Constitution, Article VI., Section D, Par. 1-3:

" Par. 1. The Committee on Graduate Studies shall consist of the dean of graduate studies, ex officio, the associate dean of graduate studies, ex officio, the associate vice president for research, ex officio, nine voting members of the University Faculty elected for overlapping three-year terms, four graduate/professional students, at least one of which will be a professional student, and one post-doctoral scholar/fellow. The students and scholar/fellow are all voting members and are elected for one-year terms. The Nominating Committee, in consultation with the dean of graduate studies, shall select nominees for election to the committee on the basis of participation in graduate research and in graduate study and instruction. Such selection shall be broadly representative of graduate disciplines.

Par. 2. The Committee on Graduate Studies shall review and make recommendations to the Faculty Senate with respect to graduate and professional degree programs. Degree programs refer to any course of study that leads to recognition or an award for the completion of a prescribed course of study beyond the baccalaureate diploma. The Ohio Chancellors Council on Graduate Studies (CCGS) does not define the degrees of Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental Medicine or Doctor of Jurisprudence as graduate degree programs, and the Faculty Senate Committee of Graduate Studies therefore does not review these programs.

Committee Review Responsibilities:

a. New graduate/professional degree programs.
b. New joint/dual degree programs.
c. New individual multidisciplinary degrees
d. Changes in degree program name
e. Changes in degree program delivery mode (i.e. online)
f. Changes in curriculum of an existing degree which are greater than 50% that result in a new degree program.
g. Changes in curriculum of an existing degree which are less than 50% that result in a new concentration within the degree
h. Graduate certificate programs
i. Areas of specialization, tracks, or concentrations (or anything similar) within a degree or professional program
j. Delivery of graduate/professional degree programs at new off campus locations (domestic and international)
k. Changes in academic processes, such as grades or grading system, diploma format and transcript format.
l. Academic standards
m. Academic policies

Par. 3. The Committee on Graduate Studies will provide oversight and guidance for academic and policy issues for postdoctoral scholars and fellows."