Committee on Minority Affairs

Members 2022-2023


From the By-Laws of the Faculty Senate, By-Law VII., Item l., Par. 1, 3 and 4:

"1) The Committee on Minority Affairs shall be composed of six faculty members elected by the Faculty Senate for three-year overlapping terms, one graduate student elected by the Graduate Student Senate, one undergraduate student elected by the Undergraduate Student Government, one postdoctoral scholar/fellow elected by Post-Doctoral Researchers Association, and two ex officio administrative officers involved with issues of diversity appointed by the provost. In addition, there shall be ad hoc members appointed annually by the Chair with the advice of the Committee. Each elected faculty member of the committee shall be eligible for re-election only after the lapse of at least one year following the expiration of two consecutive three-year terms of membership. The term of membership for student and postdoctoral scholar/fellow members shall be one year, beginning immediately upon their appointment to the Committee at the first regular meeting of the Faculty Senate subsequent to Commencement each year. Student and postdoctoral scholar/fellow members shall be eligible for re-appointment annually.

3) The Committee shall act in an oversight and advisory capacity and shall monitor matters concerning minority affairs by bringing suggestions and strategic plans to the Faculty Senate about teaching, research, and the quality of academic life at Case so that all minorities will feel this university is a powerful place to live, work, learn, and teach.

4) The Committee shall report to the Faculty Senate at least once during each academic year."