FSCUE Admission and Aid Subcommittee


TBA, co-chair TBA
Mary Erdmans, College of Arts and Sciences 2016-2019
Karen Farrell, Physical Education and Athletics 2018-2021
Marianne Carey, School of Medicine 
Evanne Juratovac, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing 2017-2020
Maya Pricia, Case School of Engineering 2018-2021
TBA, Weatherhead School of Management 2016-2019
Undergraduate Student (1) 
Ingrid Gillies (pending approval)

ex officio  
Robert McCullough 
Director, Undergraduate Admission
Richard Bischoff, co-chair 
Vice President, Enrollment Management
G. Dean Patterson 
Associate Vice President, Student Affairs
Venus Puliafico 
Director, University Financial Aid
Michael Mason 
Director of Student Advancement 


The general charge of the Admission and Aid Subcommittee is to assist the FSCUE in carrying out its duties, as specified in the Faculty Handbook: “The Committee on Undergraduate Education shall review and recommend to the Faculty Senate with respect to changes in standards of admission for undergraduate students;…” and, “to review and to decide upon applications for undergraduate admission to the University; to decide cases of receipt and retention of merit-based undergraduate financial aid;…” (Chapter 2, Article VI, Section E, Part 2, a).

Specifically, this subcommittee will:

  1. Review admissions cases that fall outside the normal parameters of admission;
  2. Assist in identifying candidates for special scholarships;
  3. Consider and recommend to the FSCUE policies and changes in policies related to admissions, including policies and procedures for recruiting applicants.