FSCUE Admission and Aid Subcommittee


Term Membership Last Name First Name School Title
-2024 faculty member, co-chair Farrell Karen PHED  
2010- ex officio, co-chair Bischoff Richard    
-2022 faculty member Adkins Evelyn CAS  
-2022 faculty member Watowics Rosanna SOM  
-2023 faculty member Wong Shannon SON  
-2024 faculty member tbd tbd CSE  
-2022 faculty member tbd tbd WSON  
2021-2022 student representative (USG Appointment) tbd tbd USG  
2021- ex officio Harris Greg   Associate Vice President, Student Affairs
2009- ex officio Pulafico Venus   Director, University Financial Aid
2009- ex officio McCullough  Robert   Director, Undergraduate Admission
2011- ex officio Mason Michael   Director of Student Advancement


The general charge of the Admission and Aid Subcommittee is to assist the FSCUE in carrying out its duties, as specified in the Faculty Handbook: “The Committee on Undergraduate Education shall review and recommend to the Faculty Senate with respect to changes in standards of admission for undergraduate students;…” and, “to review and to decide upon applications for undergraduate admission to the University; to decide cases of receipt and retention of merit-based undergraduate financial aid;…” (Chapter 2, Article VI, Section E, Part 2, a).

Specifically, this subcommittee will:

  1. Review admissions cases that fall outside the normal parameters of admission;
  2. Assist in identifying candidates for special scholarships;
  3. Consider and recommend to the FSCUE policies and changes in policies related to admissions, including policies and procedures for recruiting applicants.