FSCUE Admission and Aid Subcommittee



The general charge of the Admission and Aid Subcommittee is to assist the FSCUE in carrying out its duties, as specified in the Faculty Handbook: “The Committee on Undergraduate Education shall review and recommend to the Faculty Senate with respect to changes in standards of admission for undergraduate students;…” and, “to review and to decide upon applications for undergraduate admission to the University; to decide cases of receipt and retention of merit-based undergraduate financial aid;…” (Chapter 2, Article VI, Section E, Part 2, a).

Specifically, this subcommittee will:

  1. Review admissions cases that fall outside the normal parameters of admission;
  2. Assist in identifying candidates for special scholarships;
  3. Consider and recommend to the FSCUE policies and changes in policies related to admissions, including policies and procedures for recruiting applicants.