FSCUE Curriculum Subcommittee



The general charge to the Curriculum Subcommittee is to make certain that course and program actions meet any applicable overall university standards and insure that any actions that have effects beyond a single school receive the appropriate discussion. The Curriculum Subcommittee will:

  1. Review course and program actions that cross school boundaries, and make certain that information about any such actions is made available to every school that might feel its effect;
  2. Establish a mechanism for information sharing across schools about course and program actions that directly affect only a single school;
  3. Act as the undergraduate curriculum committee for courses from non-Undergraduate Program Faculty faculties and Physical Education;
  4. Review new curricular programs, majors, etc.;
  5. Review any changes in General Education Requirements, particularly those which have an impact beyond one particular school;
  6. Review courses that count towards SAGES (Seminar Approach to General Education and Scholarship) requirements;
  7. Oversee general academic policies on issues such as transfer and Advanced Placement credit (note that specific decisions on these issues are generally left to the discretion of individual departments);
  8. Consider any general curricular policy issues that may arise.