FSCUE Student Life Subcommittee


Lou Stark, co-chair
Vice President, Student Affairs 
Adelbert 110
ex officio
TBD, College of Arts and Sciences  2018-2021
Melissa Carlisle, Weatherhead School of Management 2018-2021
Sunniva Collins, Case School of Engineering 2017-2020
Barbara Kuemerle, College of Arts and Sciences, co-chair 2019-2022
Elizabeth Zimmermann, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing 2018-2021

Undergraduate Students (3)
Naveena Bontah
Sydney Davis
Sophie Vilamara


Jeffrey Wolcowitz
Dean, Undergraduate Studies
ex officio
Non-voting members  
Janice Gerda
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Amy Backus
Director of Athletics
Edwin Mayes, ex officio 2018-
Marielena Maggio, ex officio 2019-
Tom Matthews
Director, Student Success


The Student Life Subcommittee will strive to assure an undergraduate student experience that is rich, varied, and consistent with academic programs by providing the Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education with advice on the full range of programs, facilities, and services for students beyond the classroom. This includes, but is not limited to, the following responsibilities:

  • Identify priorities for actions to enhance student life in support of our educational mission.
  • Advocate for facilities, programs, and services faculty believe will improve the undergraduate student experience.
  • Seek and consider student opinions and recommendations from members of the committee, Undergraduate Student Government, and survey information.
  • Review and make recommendations to FSCUE on specific policies, departments, and programs as appropriate.
  • Act in an advisory capacity to the Vice President for Student Affairs.