Committee on Women Faculty

Members 2022-2023



From the By-Laws of the Faculty Senate, By-Law VII., Item k., Par. 1-4:

"1) The committee shall consist of nine faculty members elected by the Faculty Senate. No more than two members shall be from any one constituent faculty. Each member shall be eligible for election only after the lapse of at least one year following the expiration of two consecutive three-year terms of membership. The committee shall have as ex officio members the provost or a designee, the Director of the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women, or a designee, the chairs of the Faculty Senate Committee on Minority Affairs, the Women Faculty of the School of Medicine, and the President’s Advisory Council on Women, or their designees, and others as shall be determined by the elected members of the committee.


2) The Faculty Senate Executive Committee shall appoint a chair of the Committee on Women Faculty.


3) The committee shall: participate in the initiation and formulation of university policies and procedures bearing on recruitment, retention, promotion, compensation, and quality of life of women faculty; monitor issues bearing on these matters; and make recommendations to the Faculty Senate as to desirable changes in these policies and procedures.

4) The committee shall report to the Faculty Senate at least once during each academic year."