Nominating Committee

Members 2023-2024


From the Constitution, Article VI., Sec. B. , Par. 1-2:

"Par. 1. The Nominating Committee shall consist of the chair-elect of the Faculty Senate, ex officio, the Secretary of the University Faculty, ex officio (non-voting), and nine voting members of the University Faculty, (if possible, those who serve or those who have served as senators or members of faculty senate standing committees), one representing each of the eight constituent faculties, to be selected by the faculty senators representing that faculty, and also including one representative from the Department of Physical Education and Athletics. Members of the Nominating Committee shall not also serve as deans within their constituent faculties; if a member is appointed to serve as dean during her/his term on the Nominating Committee, s/he shall immediately resign from the Nominating Committee upon appointment. The term of membership on the Nominating Committee shall be two years. A member of the Nominating Committee may serve no more than two terms consecutively. Members shall serve overlapping two-year terms.

Par. 2. The Nominating Committee shall nominate candidates for the position of chair-elect and for membership of the standing and ad hoc committees of the Faculty Senate, unless otherwise specified. It shall also nominate candidates for the Honorary Degree Committee, whose members are then appointed by the president. The Faculty Senate shall elect a chair-elect and members of such standing and ad hoc committees from the nominees named by the Nominating Committee, except that additional nominations shall be invited from the floor. No nominations shall be valid unless the proposed nominee shall have signified in advance a willingness to serve."

From the By-Laws of the Faculty Senate,

By-Law VI., 1.:

"1) Each year the Nominating Committee shall nominate two candidates for Chair-elect for the coming year and shall report these nominations to the Secretary not later than March 1. The Secretary shall thereupon notify all members of the Faculty Senate of these nominations by mail."

By-Law VII., Item c.:

"The membership and functions of the Nominating Committee shall be as provided in the Constitution, Article VI, Section B, subject, however, to the following provisions:

1) Pursuant to the Constitution, Article VI, Section B, the annual designation of members of the Nominating Committee for the following year shall be made not later than May 1, and the term of membership on the Nominating Committee shall begin the day following Commencement Day.

2) Each year, the Nominating Committee shall submit to the Faculty Senate nominations for membership in standing committees for the following year not later than April 1; and the term of membership of all elected members of standing committees shall begin on the day following Commencement Day.

3) In the selection of nominees for membership on each standing committee of the Faculty Senate, the Nominating Committee shall consult with the incumbent Chair of the committee for which nominees are being selected."