Faculty Senate Members

Faculty Senate 2017-2018

Name Building Phone Email
Juscelino Colares, chair School of Law 216.368.6387 jfc70@case.edu
Cynthia Beall, vice chair College of Arts and Sciences 216.368.2277 cmb2@case.edu
Peter Harte, past chair Genetics, School of Medicine 216.368.6417 pjh3@case.edu
Rebecca Weiss, Secretary of the University Faculty Adelbert Hall, Room 320 216.368.4316 rez4@case.edu


Barbara R. Snyder  President
W. A. "Bud" Baeslack III Provost & Executive President
Kenneth Ledford Chair, Committee on By-Laws
Gerald Mahoney Chair, Committee on Faculty Compensation
Christine Cano Chair, Committee on Faculty Personnel
Glenn Starkman Chair, Finance Committee
Paul MacDonald Chair, Committee on Graduate Studies
Steven Hauck Chair, Committee on Information & Communication Technology
Joachim Voss Chair, Committee on Minority Affairs
Maureen McEnery Chair, Nominating Committee
Harihara Baskaran Chair, Committee on Research
Gary Chottiner Chair, Committee on Undergraduate Education
Paul Iversen Chair, Committee on the University Libraries
Leena Palomo Chair, Committee on Women Faculty


Elected Senators
Karen Beckwith, College of Arts and Sciences (2016-2019)
Gary Chottiner, College of Arts and Sciences (2015-2018)
Christopher Cullis, College of Arts and Sciences (2016-2019)
Kimberly Emmons, College of Arts and Sciences (2015-2018)
Susan Hinze, College of Arts and Sciences (2017-2020)
Kathleen Kash, College of Arts and Sciences (2016-2019)
Kenneth Ledford, College of Arts and Sciences (2015-2018)
Beverly Saylor, College of Arts and Sciences (2017-2020)
Peter Shulman, College of Arts and Sciences (2017-2020)
Glenn Starkman, College of Arts and Sciences (2016-2019)
Rohan Akolkar, Case School of Engineering (2017-2020)
Steven Eppell, Case School of Engineering (2015-2018)
Roger Quinn, Case School of Engineering (2016-2019)
R. Mohan Sankaran, Case School of Engineering (2016-2019)
Dustin Tyler, Case School of Engineering (2017-2020)
Aaron Perzanowksi, School of Law (2016-2019)
Andrew Pollis, School of Law (2017-2020)
Jaime Bouvier, School of Law (2015-2018)
Gerald Mahoney, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences (2015-2018)
David Miller, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences (2016-2019)
Dana Prince, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences (2017-2020)
Amy Backus, Physical Education and Athletics (2015-2018)
Thomas Montagnese, School of Dental Medicine (2016-2019)
Andres Pinto, School of Dental Medicine (2015-2018)
Renato Roperto, School of Dental Medicine (2017-2020)
Ali Syed, School of Dental Medicine (2017-2020)
Ibrahim Tulunoglu, School of Dental Medicine (2016-2018)
Matthias Buck, School of Medicine (2016-2019)
Sudha Iyengar, School of Medicine (2016-2019)
Thomas J. Kelley, School of Medicine (2016-2019)
Ruth A. Keri, School of Medicine (2017-2020)
Ahmad M. Khalil, School of Medicine (2017-2020)
Anne Matthews, School of Medicine (2017-2020)
William Merrick, School of Medicine (2015-2018)
William P. Schilling, School of Medicine (2017-2020)
Usha Stiefel, School of Medicine (2015-2018)
Jo Ann Wise, School of Medicine (2015-2018)
Valerie Boebel Toly, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing (2016-2019)
Lisa Damato, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing (2015-2018)
Evelyn Duffy, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing (2016-2019)
Susan Painter, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing (2017-2020)
Chris Winkleman, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing (2017-2020)
Leon Blazey, Weatherhead School of Management (2016-2019)
Philip Cola, Weatherhead School of Management (Spring 2018-2020)
Steve Feldman, Weatherhead School of Management (2017-2020)
Satish Namibsan, Weatherhead School of Management (Spring 2018 sabbatical replacement for Ramanujan)
Roman Sheremeta, Weatherhead School of Management (Spring 2018-2019)
Prince Ghosh, Undergraduate Student (2017-2018)
Sahil Gulati, Graduate Student (2017-2018)
Simone Dekker, Post-Doctoral Association Representative, StudentSchool of Medicine (2017-2018)