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HoloAnatomy® Software Suite* was developed in collaboration with experienced anatomy faculty, our software gives students 3D perspectives of every part of the body – offering views impossible through any other means.



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Human Skeleton

Teach human anatomy without a cadaver utilizing our innovative 3D mixed-reality software.

Visualize anatomical structures, systems and even the "difficult to see" anatomy such as the diaphragm, nervous and circulatory systems.

Engage learners to move, collaborate and interact with one another. Students can freely pan in and out of the holograms, and interact with the anatomy more naturally. 

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Students using HoloAnatomy® during class

Microsoft HoloLens supports the largest shared-group MR experiences available.

Proven use of more than 98 Microsoft HoloLens headsets during a simultaneous session.

No other VR or MR technology supports the scale of this magnitude.

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Students using HoloAnatomy® to view a human skeleton in class

Enables in-class and remote learning. Students can learn anatomy anywhere in the world.

On-demand access to 3D anatomy. 

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Picture of Microsoft's HoloLens - which is used to view the HoloAnatomy® software

Powered by HoloLens 2, Microsoft’s second generation mixed reality headset.

Untethered, self-contained computer with Wi-Fi connectivity in a compact, functional package.

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Students using HoloAnatomy® during their anatomy class

Extensively validated and tested.

Educational outcomes documented in peer-reviewed publications.

  • Effective: equivalent student learning outcomes
  • Efficient: Students learn twice as fast using HoloAnatomy® Software compared to traditional dissection
  • Retention: students retain information longer

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Skeleton of the muscles within a human head

Simplified, instructor-centric tools.

Publish the 3D anatomy lecture to the whole classroom with one click.

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*patent pending

Dr. Sue using HoloLens 2
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Students learn twice as fast using HoloAntomy® Software compared to traditional dissection.