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Our Clients and Partners

Outside of Case Western Reserve University, other institutions have also been using the HoloAnatomy® Software Suite for their own research and purposes. We are grateful to our partners and clients for their support in exploring the future of technology and education.

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Hear From the Faculty and Students

Faculty and students are adapting quickly and experiencing positive outcomes from HoloAnatomy® Software's immersive experience, including Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine who has been using the HoloAnatomy® Software Suite since its inception in 2018. Like some institutions, CWRU uses an integrated format which utilizes both a traditional cadaveric and holographic lab approach.

Having experienced both the traditional lab format along with the holographic avatars in a classroom setting, faculty across HoloAnatomy® partner schools and students from one CWRU class discuss what HoloAnatomy® has done for their educational experience.

Distance & Remote Learning 

Many universities were caught off guard in spring 2020 by the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing many students and faculty to make a sudden shift from an in-person to remote format. 

Students at CWRU’s School of Medicine were able to make the transition from lab to home fairly seamlessly, missing zero days of instruction.

When the campus closed, each student received a HoloLens 2 headset by mail to complete their anatomy coursework from home, taught remotely by their professors.

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