Conference Sponsorship

To apply for sponsorship of live conferences, online activities and enduring material contact Amy Ross Pisman by phone 216.983.1230, email or Joan Farmer by phone 216.983.1237,  email to request a Sponsorship Agreement Packet.

  1. Important Considerations When Applying for Sponsorship
    • Apply for sponsorship 6 months prior for a 1-2 day conference.
    • Apply for sponsorship at least 1 year prior for a 3 plus day conference, online activity and enduring material.
    • Sponsorship agreements will not be accepted less than 3 months prior for any activity.
    • A completed sponsorship agreement includes all required signatures, all requested documents, and signed financial disclosure forms for the activity director and planning committee members. Signed disclosure forms for all other faculty (plenary, workshop and poster session) must be turned in at least 2 weeks prior to the activity.
  2. Completing the Sponsorship Agreement
    CME Program staff members will guide you through completion of the agreement to ensure that you understand and are able to comply with all requirements.
  3. Financial Disclosure Process and Forms
    The Commercial Support Policy of the CME Program requires that the Activity Director, all planning committee members and all conference faculty members provide financial disclosure and resolve conflicts of interest. A Resolution of Conflict of Interest Form must be signed by those with a conflict.
  4. Approval
    You will be notified of approval verbally and in writing. An invoice for sponsorship fee and guidelines for conducting the activity will be included with the approval letter. Other contracted fees such as conference services will be invoiced after the activity.
  5. Commercial Support/Exhibits
    Where financial or in-kind support from a commercial interest is involved, a Commercial Support Agreement must be completed and authorized prior to the commencement of the activity. 
    Exhibit fees shall be separate and distinct from educational grants (they are not considered commercial support).  Exhibitors should sign CWRU SOM CME’s Exhibitor Booth Agreement Form.
  6. Written Materials, Syllabus or Handouts
    Introductory syllabus cover pages should be presented to the CME Program for review at least 2 weeks prior to the activity.
  7. Disclosure to Activity Participants
    At the time of the conference, faculty members are required to disclose their financial relationships to activity participants verbally and in writing.
  8. Evaluation Process
    A course evaluation is a requirement for all participants. Evaluation should occur at the completion of the course and, preferably, continue afterward to demonstrate the impact of the course on participants. Participants must be asked on whether or not commercial bias was perceived. Sample evaluation instruments are available (Evaluation Form and Evaluation Tabulation Template).
  9. Post-Conference Submissions
    Post-activity documentation is required not more than 90 days following the activity.