Ongoing Research

Kurt Stange, MD, PhD 

Promoting Health Across Boundaries (American Cancer Society), Stange – PI

This Clinical Research Professorship fosters understanding of ways in which integrating primary care with health care systems and communities can reduce the cancer burden.  It also is helping to launch a new initiative on Promoting Health Across Boundaries. 


The Greater University Circle Community Health Initiative (The Cleveland Foundation),  Stange – PI

The GUCCHI team aims to advance community health, building on relationships and findings developed over the past years with neighborhood residents, community based organizations, and Greater University Circle anchor institutions: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Clinic, and University Hospitals. Currently, a Community Health Leadership Team and two Community Health Action Teams are working to reduce neighborhood health risk and disparities in infant mortality and environmental lead exposure. 


Larry A. Green Center for the Advancement of Primary Health Care for the Public Good (American Board of Family Medicine Foundation),  Stange - Co-PI

Goal: to be a creative and high yield force for improving the ability of primary health care and family medicine to advance the health and improve the health care of all Americans through: 

  • developing conceptualizations and measures of how primary health care advances personal and population health, equity, and sustainability
  • leveraging an ongoing formative investment to develop an active research portfolio focused on understanding the mechanisms by which primary health care provides value
  • fostering a dynamic, innovative, interdisciplinary interchange among diverse stakeholders for the advancement of primary health care for the health of people, populations and society. 


Evaluating System Change to Advance Learning and Take Evidence to Scale (ESCALATES) (AHRQ), Stange - Site PI

  • engage R18 grantees in the overall evaluation by harmonizing measures, working together to collect similar qualitative and quantitative data, identify lessons learned, and foster rapid cycle learning
  • identify the practice, organization, and contextual factors among the combined 2,000 practices that are associated with meeting ABCS performance goals at baseline (prior to any intervention)
  • identify which intervention strategies are most effective in improving ABCS performance goals/targets over time in relation to practice, organization, and contextual factors and identify why some strategies are more effective
  • engage, rapidly disseminate, and evaluate the impact of disseminating actionable findings to key external stakeholders


Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care for Comorbid Behavioral and Medical Problems (University of Vermont),  Stange - Co-Investigator, Site PI

Investigate whether increased integration of evidence supported behavioral health and primary care services, compared to simple co-location of providers, improves outcomes.


Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Support Grant (NIH/NCI),  Stange - Co-Director, Multimethod Cancer Outcomes Research Shared Resource


  • improve the prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of cancer through research 
  • stimulate and support innovative, coordinated, interdisciplinary research on cancer diagnosis, treatment, and control
  • develop clinical applications of research discoveries and make these applications available as quickly as possible
  • develop cancer prevention and control activities to contribute to the reduction of cancer morbidity and mortality in Northeast Ohio and the surrounding region and nation


Economic Benefit of AmeriCorps Services Members to Deliver the Care Transitions Intervention to Reduce Hospital Readmissions (Corporation for National & Community Service),  Stange - Co-investigator

Multi-disciplinary evaluation of the efficacy of a volunteer-led coaching intervention designed to reduce hospital readmissions. Building on existing efforts to train AmeriCorps members as transition coaches, the research is examining the effects of a randomized volunteer-led coaching intervention on readmission rates, medical costs, and patient satisfaction.


Involving Communities in Delivering and Disseminating Health Disparity Interventions (NIMHD), Stange - Co-I and co-leader of Project 2

Combine research, career development, and community partnership activities to engage communities in delivering and disseminating health disparity interventions to enhance the innovation, potency, relevance, and sustainability of efforts to reduce health disparities.


Susan Flocke, PhD 

Using a teachable moment communication process to improve outcomes of quitline referrals. (PCORI), Flocke – PI

This study tests the impact of a systems change intervention and a clinician communication intervention to improve tobacco cessation assessment and assistance.


Measurement of nicotine dependence among adolescent & young adult cigarillo users (NIH/NCI/FDA), Flocke - PI

The goal of this project is to develop a measure of nicotine dependence that is valid and reliable for little cigar and cigarillo users.


Heidi Gullett, MD, MPH 

Getting Ahead for Cancer Control (ACS), Gullett – PI

Determine whether the Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By-World curriculum impacts improved health behaviors and increases the use of clinical preventive services when implemented among cohorts of primary care patients in local community health centers who are living in generational poverty. Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World is a well-established curriculum that helps individuals in poverty build their resources for a more prosperous life for themselves, their families and their communities.  


Li Li, MD, PhD 

Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Support Grant (NCI), Li - Associate Director for Cancer Prevention and Control

The major goal is to support the Cancer Center Program at CWRU and UHC.  


Training in Computational Genomic Epidemiology of Cancer (CoGEC) (NCI), Li – PI

This training grant continues to develop new investigators in computational genomic epidemiology of cancer.


15-PGDH, NSAIDs, Vitamin D and Colon Neoplasia (NCI), Li - PI

The major goal is to comprehensively investigate 15-PGDH regulatory and promoter regions genetic variants and pathway gene expression and their interactions with NSAIDs and vitamin D in relation to risk of colon neoplasia.  


Towards Uncovering Mechanistic Links among Diet, Human Gut Microbiome and Colorectal Cancer (Landon Foundation-AACR), Li - Co-Investigator

The goal of the study is to develop innovative computational approaches to integrate and analyze large amounts of genetic data towards deciphering the interplay between host genetics, microbes, and colon carcinogenesis.  

(07/01/15 -06/30/17)

Human Gut Microbiome and Cancer (ACS), Li - Co-Investigator

The goal of the study is to computationally dissect the complex interplay of microbiome and its metabolites in cancer etiology and prevention.  

(7/1/16 - 06/30/20)

Administrative Supplement for Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) to Stimulate Research in Non-AIDS Defining Cancers (NADCs) in Aging Populations (NCI), Li – PD

This supplement grant is to support pilot funding of non-AIDs defining cancer research at the Case CCC.  


Diet-Associated Gut Microbiome Signatures and Risk of Colon Adenoma (NCI), Li – PI

The major goal is to identify fecal microbiome signatures associated with long-term habitual diet and risk of colon adenoma.  


Case GI SPORE (NCI), Li - Projects 1 & 2, Co-Investigator

Project 1: Targeting 15-PGDH in colon cancer risk, prevention, and treatment;  

Project 2: Translational significance of a mutational signature of African American colon cancers.


Johnie Rose, MD, PhD

Modeling Colorectal Cancer Recurrence and Surveillance (ACS Mentored Research Scholar Grant), Rose – PI

Developing a computer simulation model that can be used to compare alternative strategies for follow up of colorectal cancer survivors to detect early recurrence.  


Multi-Level Interventions to Reduce Caries Disparities in Primary Care Settings (NIH/NIDCR), Rose - Co-Investigator

Implementing and assessing an intervention at the practice and provider level to increase preventive and restorative dental service utilization for children insured by Ohio Medicaid.