Dr. Wright ACGME Award

Event Date
November 30, 2017 - 10:00 AM

The ACGME Council of Review Committee Residents (CRCR) designed the “Back to Bedside” initiative to empower residents and fellows to develop transformative projects that combat burnout by fostering meaning in their learning environments; engaging on a deeper level with what is at the heart of medicine: their patients.  The ACGME recently announced the selection of funding recipients for “Back to Bedside” after narrowing down to thirty recipients from 230 submissions.  Neurosurgery resident, Dr. James Wright, was awarded one of these grants for his project entitled, “Back to the Future:  Surgical Rehearsal Platform (SRP) Technology as a Means to Improve Surgeon-Patient Alliance, Patient Satisfaction, and Resident Experience.”   His co-resident, Dr. Jessey Chugh, was also named on this grant and will be working with Dr. Wright.

Dr. Wright and  Dr. Jessey Chugh