CNN Features Dr. Selman's Surgery Rehearsal Platform

CNN Outfront with Erin Burnett program recently featured Warren Selman, MD, UH Neurosurgeon-in-Chief, and his work in developing a surgical simulator using the same technology as flight simulators to allow realistic, interactive run-throughs of brain surgeries prior to actual procedures. Called Surgery Rehearsal Platform (SRP), the surgical simulator, which was developed by Cleveland-based Surgical Theater LLC, uploads and transforms medical images, such as CT and MRI scans of patients, into life-like, dynamic and interactive 3D models. SRP enables surgeons to plan and rehearse surgeries by seeing and interacting with an accurate replica of what they would see and use when operating on the patient.

Dr. Selman also serves as Harvey Huntington Brown, Jr., Professor and Chair, Department of Neurological Surgery, UH Case Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and Director,University Hospitals Neurological Institute