Society for Neuroscience Hot Topic Feature

Congratulations to Dr. Luo and team. Their submission has been chosen by the Society for Neuroscience to be included in the Neuroscience 2016 Hot Topic book and in the Neuroscience 2016 online press room.

Title: Using ipsc derived human dopamine neurons from opioid dependent subjects to study dopamine dynamics 

AuthorsY. LUO, P. TESAR, K. L. PRESTON, K. A. PHILLIPS, Z. LIN, Y. SHENG, *B. J. HOFFER; Neurolog. Surgery, Genet., Case Western Reserve Univ., Cleveland, OH; Intramural Res. Program, Intrammural Res. Program, Natl. Inst. on Drug Abuse, Baltimore, MD; Psychiatry, Harvard Univ. Mclean Hosp., Belmont, MA; Scientist Emeritus, NIDA/NIH, Lyndhurst, OH

Control Number: 4488