Molecular Biology and Genotyping Core


The Molecular Biology and Genotyping (MBG) Module facilitates the use of fundamental techniques in molecular biology for the many vision investigators who desire to add these tools to their research capabilities, as well as for investigators who already use some of these techniques. The MBG Module is responsible for providing skilled technical expertise, equipment and techniques for PCR analysis/genotyping, quantification and imaging of gels, real time PCR, cloning and mutagenesis, clone analysis, RNA purification and syntheses, and detailed sequence analysis.

The module also provides training and assistance for the Li-Cor Odyssey Fc Infrared Imaging System for protein Westerns.  

Other services offered by the Genotyping Core:

  • Plasmid purification (small-scale up to 200ugs)
  • Cloning and mutagenesis
  • CRISPR single guide RNA screening
  • Clone analysis (restriction enzyme, sequencing)
  • RNA purification from tissue or culture
  • qPCR

How to Utilize:

  1. Please call John Denker at 216.368.4990 to discuss if you are a first time user.
  2. Fill out Genotyping Request Form and email it to or bring in with samples.

Pricing Information

Please contact John Denker at 216.368.4990 or


Paul Park, Ph.D., Module Director

Institute of Pathology, Room 312

Phone: 216.368.2533


John Denker, Module Manager

Institute of Pathology Building, Room 110

Phone: 216.368.4990