Advanced RNA Profiling Core

The Advanced RNA Profiling Core performs cutting edge, sequencing-based, transcriptomic profiling techniques, (ribosome profiling, CLIP, 3’end transcript mapping etc.) as a full service or through a la carte services.

Approaches Offered

  • Ribosome Profiling: transcriptome-wide mapping of ribosome footprints on RNA
  • I/ECLIP: transcriptome-wide mapping of protein binding sites on RNA
  • 3’End RNA Profiling: transcriptome-wide mapping of alrenative polyadenylation sites on RNA
  • Other Approaches: RNA modification mapping, transcriptome-wide half-life measurements, Bind-n-Seq

We also provide hands-on help with other RNA–related techniques, such as polysome analysis, Northern Blotting, etc, including temporary bench-space.

Full and a la Carte Services

Full Service

We are providing complete services, following the process outlined in the chart.

A La Carte Service

We are happy to separately provide any part(s) of the service outlined above. This includes data analysis and interpretation.


For pricing, contact us at or call 216.368.6711.

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