Health Profession Pipeline Program

H3P Club CSSM Students showing Red4Opal Hashtag Fundraiser Banner
Taylor Moore, H3P alumna, prepares to present information on the club at an open house event.

The Health Profession Pipeline Program (H3P) is a student-governed organization of the Cleveland School of Science and Medicine (CSSM). The mission of the H3P Club is as follows:

The mission of H3P is to create a pipeline of health professionals, assist CSSM students with affiliated H3P programs, educate students about health professions, create and maintain school culture that encourages medicine, and to build the next Joan C. Edwards Scholar.

Furthermore, the H3P is a partnership with Case Western Reserve University, the Joan C. Edwards Charitable Foundation, and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to provide students at CSSM the opportunity to be immersed in the health and science career fields.

To fulfill the mission of H3P, four committees have been established:

New H3P members are inducted into the club in the spring of each year.
  • Communications Committee - The purpose of the Communications Committee (CC) is to inform the CSSM student body of H3P events. The CC will communicate through the H3P website, email, posters, and more. Duties of the Communications Committee include but aren’t limited to:
    • creating posters and flyers
    • sending emails to student body
    • updating H3P website
    • establishing ambassadors to present at Friday Meetings
  • Educational Outreach Committee - The purpose of the Educational Outreach Committee (EDU) is to ensure educational recreation and stimulation within the Pipeline. The EDU ensures that this extracurricular club does not lose its curricular piece.  Duties of the EDU include, but aren’t limited to:
    • Preparing educational games for mixers and events
    • Building and reinforcing club curriculum
    • Scheduling speakers to present at meetings
    • Planning and coordination of “Mini-Medical School”
  • Membership Committee - The Purpose of the Membership Committee (MC) is to document member activities and attendance. MC will be responsible for historian activities like alumni outreach. Responsibilities of the MC include, but aren’t limited to:
    • taking attendance at meetings
    • determining who has membership
    • maintaining contact with alumni
    • documenting photographs of meetings
  • Social Committee - The purpose of the Social Committee (SC) is to promote member participation and satisfaction. The SC makes sure meetings are intriguing, fun, and satisfactory for all participants. Duties of the SC include, but aren’t limited to:
    • Planning social events
    • Propose ideas for events, fundraising and membership outreach
    • Provide food and snacks
    • Collecting opinion and insight of members
    • Converting student body ideas and preferences into action