SAT Prep Course

Students from the Cleveland School of Science and Medicine participate in a Kaplan ACT Course at Case Western Reserve University

Each year, 25 high school juniors from Cleveland School of Science and Medicine (CSSM) are awarded a full scholarship to attend a SAT prep course on Saturday mornings hosted at CWRU School of Medicine. The course consists of structured sessions that systematically prepare the students to excel on the standardized SAT exam. The goal of this program is to help students realize their full potential on a test that aims to predict college readiness. Data from a pre-test to the official score received on the SAT suggests that this preparation can have a significant positive effect on the final rating of the students' performance.

Please Note: Due to the prevalence of the COVID 19 pandemic, the Fall 2020 SAT Prep Course will be held entirely virtually.

Enrollment for the Fall 2020 course has concluded.

Please return on August 2021 for information on the Fall 2021 course.