SAT Prep Course

Students from the Cleveland School of Science and Medicine participate in a Kaplan ACT Course at Case Western Reserve University

Each year, 25 high school juniors from Cleveland School of Science and Medicine (CSSM) are awarded a full scholarship to attend a SAT prep course on Saturday mornings hosted at CWRU School of Medicine. The course consists of structured sessions that systematically prepare the students to excel on the standardized SAT exam. The goal of this program is to help students realize their full potential on a test that aims to predict college readiness. Data from a pre-test to the official score received on the SAT suggests that this preparation can have a significant positive effect on the final rating of the students' performance.

Please Note: This year the course is planning to be in-person at Cleveland School of Science and Medicine.  With that said, if conditions change the course is capable of converting to a virtual format.

Meet the Instructors

Mrs. Judith Hammer - Lead SAT Instructor

Judith Hammer and her three sons.
Judith Hammer pictured with her three sons.

I have had the joy of a long teaching career in a variety of settings with most time spent teaching at colleges and universities.  For the past ten years, I have taught both at Case Western Reserve University and Cuyahoga Community College.  I love connecting with each new class because I know that both the students and I will learn from each other as we delve into the curriculum.  To me, teaching is about opening doors for students to walk through on their way to a successful career.  

Preparing for the SAT is one of a students' first steps on their journey to finding the college campus that best suits their career goals. Over the past 20 years, I have helped students achieve their best possible performance on both the SAT and the ACT in classroom and private tutoring settings. Excelling at the SAT requires learning specific test-taking strategies, reviewing some math and writing content, and taking time to practice.  Our SAT course does just that by striving to help  students discover their strengths and areas to improve so that they can achieve their desired scores.  Both of us on our SAT instructional team have taught together for a while, so that we offer a blended program of individualized instruction and feedback. 

This year, our course begins with a two-week boot camp to review the grammar, writing, reading, and math skills required by the SAT.  This boot camp  stems from a recommendation made by last year's class. We are excited to provide this instructional unit because we know that the best instruction is built from the perspectives of both teachers and students.   Following the boot camp, we will spend the rest of the course offering guided practice sessions and feedback on how best to enhance scores. 

Mrs. Patricia Vail - Math Instructor

Patricia Vail and her family
Patricia Vail pictured with her family.

Mrs. Vail is a native  Clevelander and an alumni of both John Carroll University and Cleveland State University. She is an experienced Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) teacher having taught in many of Cleveland’s high schools. She was also an instructor for the University of Phoenix. She is quite familiar with Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) having a daughter-in-law with a Masters degree from the university, and a son, who just completed his PhD in genetics through CWRU.  She has facilitated ACT/SAT classes and privately tutored test sessions for the past 15 years. Currently, she is a TITLE I teacher assigned to Cleveland Central Catholic. Mrs. Vail is dedicated to helping students achieve their personal college prep goals. 


CSSM Juniors

Application for the Fall 2021 ACT Course is now available!  Please apply HERE.

The application DEADLINE is August 13th, 2021 at midnight.

Please review this Informational Sheet before applying!