Visualizing Micro anatomy of Neural Structures and Reconstructing Vagal Anatomy with Micro CT

Event Date:
October 28th 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Abstract: Understanding micro-anatomy of neural structures is a critical step toward developing better neural interface technologies. The results obtained from imaging fine neural structures can potentially inform improvements in stimulation therapies and help to minimize potential for off target effects. Traditional clinical imaging techniques (CT and MRI) cannot provide the high resolution necessary to investigate neural micro-anatomy. We used microCT to demonstrate that, on average, at least one fascicle in the human vagus nerve at cervical level splits or merges every 560 microns. In our current studies, we used a similar approach to image the swine spinal cord to investigate the dorsal root organization and expanded on imaging and mapping the Vagus nerve anatomy using multi-modal imaging techniques.

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Speaker: Aniruddha Upadhye
Research Advisor: Prof. Shoffstall