Last Night's Robbery and Campus Safety: September 12, 2021

To Our Case Western Reserve Students:

Although the student robbed Saturday night was not physically injured, we realize how terrifying the experience must have been for him—and unsettling for the rest of our campus community.

Today our public safety officials are examining details of the incident with colleagues in the University Circle Police Department. We will be increasing evening patrols in the North Residential Village this week, and also assessing additional protective measures we should take in that part of the campus.

All that said, we know that no level of security can entirely eliminate crime risks—in particular on an urban campus. Our location is one of the reasons that Public Safety offers multiple security sessions during orientation, as well as different trainings throughout the year. Officers also regularly present to students and other groups; find more information about requesting their offerings.

Below are additional reminders about safety measures you can take:

Sign Up for Full Rave Alerts. All members of the campus community automatically receive Rave notification emails and/or calls to their campus phones. To receive calls or texts to your personal phone, you must visit While only individuals with a CWRU ID can sign up for Rave, students can add parents’ or guardians’ phone numbers to their accounts.

Remain Aware of Your Surroundings. It’s all too easy to become engrossed in your cell phone while walking on campus—even if just listening to music on your headphones or taking a call. The more attentive and observant you appear, the less likely a criminal is to approach.

Walk with Others. People walking in groups represent a greater challenge to potential aggressors, especially when they are obviously scanning the area as they walk.

Use Campus Transportation, Especially After Dark. Our shuttles start as early as 6 a.m. and run as late as 3 a.m.; you can track their locations using this mobile app. The university also offers Safe Ride in the evenings and early mornings. This service features an app, but takes calls as well. 

Request a Campus Escort. Public safety escorts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 216.368.3300.

Download the Rave Guardian App. While we have 340 Blue Light Phones on campus, this app allows you to call public safety with a single button; doing so also allows dispatchers to can see exactly where you are. Learn more about its many other features.

Again, no measures are foolproof, but each additional step you take to protect yourself can help make you safer on campus. We will provide updates about other measures as they become available.

Eric W. Kaler