Alpha Chi Omega

To our community,

The sisters of Alpha Chi Omega at Case Western Reserve University are here to speak up against racial injustices and advocate for change that our nation desperately needs. It is our duty to recognize privilege and use our platform to speak out against racism and discrimination.

We stand in solidarity with the Black community and advocate for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

We also acknowledge that greek life was historically created as segregated institutions. Our chapter wants to educate and learn more about this history to gain more perspective on how we can be better equipped to fight against racial injustices. We are committed to using this platform to continue to share resources, raise awareness, and support organizations.

We are a community of Real Strong Women and we encourage our members to be agents of change to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.




  • Text FLOYD to 55156
  • Text JUSTICE to 668366
  • Text ENOUGH 55156¬†