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George Floyd died May 25, 2020, after nearly nine minutes with a Minneapolis police officer's knee on his neck.

In the days that followed, protests in Minneapolis soon spread across the country, including to Cleveland on Saturday, May 30.

What began as a peaceful march in this city later became a clash involving tear gas canisters flying and police cruisers afire. As in other cities, destruction, looting and curfews followed.

Case Western Reserve launched this page to provide communications, resources and related information to these events and their larger context.

University Statements

  • Diversity, Inclusion and the Executive Order

    To the Case Western Reserve Community:

    We commend you for your enduring commitment to embrace inclusion and diversity as core values of our university. In an increasingly polarized world, the need for us to learn and grow together in our democracy is more important than ever. 

  • Join us for tomorrow's Day of Dialogue event

    To the Case Western Reserve Community:

    This Thursday, Sept. 17, we come together once again for dialogue and discussion. Our university has been challenged and inspired by the demands for equity and justice on campus, in the Cleveland community and across the country. Students, staff, faculty and alumni have shared their experiences and concerns related to campus and beyond, and we are…

  • Continue the conversation with CWRU's next Day of Dialogue

    To Our Alumni and Friends,

    In June, the university held a Day of Dialogue to start critical conversations related to race and justice—on campus and across America.

    On Sept. 17, alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends of the university are invited to continue these conversations surrounding equity, inclusion and racism through our…