Dhamakapella stands in solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters in our continued fight against racial injustice and prejudice. For years, Dhamakapella has prided our team's diversity, but we must do better. We must do more to combat decades of systematic racism in our country. As part of the South Asian community, among others, Dhamakapella is committed to educating ourselves on biases and privilege, engaging in sustained dialogue on the topic of racial equality, and taking action in Cleveland, as well as across the country, for years to come. We must not remain idle when unity thrives through action. We encourage you all to take action with us.

MOVING FORWARD: Dhamakapella will initiate a discussion on race and equality at the beginning of each school year to create a sustained dialogue for each iteration of our team. Inappropriate, discriminatory behavior will be cause for removal.

STARTING NOW: Dhamakapella is FUNDRAISING for BLACK LIVES MATTER CLEVELAND to assist our local community. Please consider helping us contribute to BLM Cleveland's mission by donating to our Venmo, @Dhamakapella, or checking out our team member's bingo posts on Instagram. Together, we can make a difference.