The Feminist Collective at CWRU

Watching the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and other black men and women has been heartbreaking. As an organization that stands by individuals seeking for the equality of all genders in our society, we cannot stand by as our brothers and sisters are brutally and unfairly killed and discriminated against. The black lives matter movement is powerful because it is driven by an urgent need for equality and the fair treatment of people of color.

Communities of color have faced years of severe oppression and the unnecessary loss of countless lives. We, as the Feminist Collective absolutely refuse to stand by as individuals that are integral parts of our community live in fear of death. Including individuals identifying as LGBTQ+ who are more vulnerable to violence. We refuse to accept the racism and violence that exists in the institutions built to protect us.

Because without justice, ‘We can’t breathe’.