La Alianza

To the Case Western Reserve University Community:

La Alianza is a Latinx student organization that serves the Cleveland community, celebrates the Latinx culture, and supports Latinx/Hispanic identifying students at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). As an organization, we pride ourselves on diversity and welcoming members from other ethnic communities to, together, learn about the Latinx/Hispanic community and uplift the voices of the unheard. And yet, La Alianza has failed to address the anti-blackness that plagues our community and culture, and those of our allies. Combating anti-blackness is a continual process that we must never stop within ourselves and among our peers. Educating and holding anti-Black family members and friends accountable may be difficult, but it is absolutely necessary.

To begin this process, we have compiled a mini-educational document on what the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is, why it matters, and how to address anti-blackness. To be clear, this is not an all-encompassing account of everything the Black community has endured as a result of systematic oppression in America, nor is this a complete historical account of the movement. This is simply a start to understand the movement, and only a fraction of the information available. We encourage all of our members to continue their own research and commit to combating anti-blackness in themselves and in their peers.

Similarly, here you will find a drive which contains documents on how to be a non-optical/anti-racist ally, how to address racism at home and with friends (with Spanish translation provided), and mental health resources specific to the Black community and racial trauma. In addition, members will have full access to a library of compiled texts written by Black/African-American authors. We implore our members to take full advantage of the drive and all of its resources.

La Alianza recognizes that we have been silent on this matter in past years and that we have failed our Black Latinx members and Black partners. We fully recognize the cultural and historical influence the Black community has had on the Latinx experience and story.

We commit to initiating and maintaining conversations and support in order to address the needs of our Black peers. We stand in solidarity with the Black community and the Black Lives Matter Movement, and commit to dismantling anti-blackness in our community, and among our friends, families, and peers.

With hope,
La Alianza Executive Board, 2020-21