Statement on behalf of GCAS

Graduate Council of Arts and Sciences

We stand together with protesters for racial justice.

We stand in solidarity with all those who are raising their voices against racial injustice and crying out for change. In these fraught times the words of W. E. B. Du Bois eloquently frames the spirit of our thoughts:

“I believe that all men, black, brown, and white, are brothers.”

“How shall Integrity face Oppression? What shall Honesty do in the face of Deception, Decency in the face of Insult, Self-Defense before Blows? How shall Desert and Accomplishment meet Despising, Detraction, and Lies? What shall Virtue do to meet Brute Force? There are so many answers and so contradictory; and such differences for those on the one hand who meet questions similar to this once a year or once a decade, and those who face them hourly and daily.”

“Either America will destroy ignorance or ignorance will destroy the United States”

As students looking toward a better future, we hope to play our part in making change happen in a nation wracked with fear, anger, pain and division and fight forces of bigotry and historical prejudice.

In unity…
The Executive Board of GCAS on behalf of the Students of the College of Arts and Sciences, CWRU