Research Data Lifecycle Guide

Analyst working with Business Analytics and Data Management System on computer to make report with KPI and metrics connected to database

As a researcher at Case Western Reserve University, you are responsible for ensuring that you are an effective steward of your research data throughout the life of your project. The research data lifecycle guide is designed to inform you of the processes, resources, and guidelines to ensure that you are able to respond to and account for all steps necessary to comply with regulations and expectations around research data management. 

Below you will find a series of pages designed to guide Case Western Reserve researchers in the process of research data management from inception to completion. 

Each page is dedicated to a particular step of the research data management process and contains sections focused on elements of that step. Visitors to this site may navigate directly to the page that pertains to their current stage of the life cycle, or explore the other pages to discover what resources are available at other points in the life cycle.