Data Analysis

At this stage it’s important to follow the best practices in your discipline. Whether you are using your desktop, a computing cluster, or a Jupyter notebook on Google, you’ll need to have a plan for how you work with data and provide access to your collaborators through projects at Case Western Reserve University.

Research Computing

Research computing provides access to many services and resources that can be used to analyze and store your data. This includes High Performance Computing, Research Virtual Machine, Research Data Storage, and Research Database support. The group maintains a wiki that covers many topics related to cyberinfrastructure. They can be contacted through

Freedman Center

The Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship features multiple workstations available to CWRU students, staff, and faculty. These workstations have dedicated functions ranging from scanning and A/V editing to high-powered research software like GIS and 3D modeling.

View the full list of available software.

In addition to providing a sprawling suite of analysis and research software, the Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship is also available for researchers who need digitization solutions, multimedia editing or production, and research consultations. If you have questions about your research project or your data storage needs, please reach out to the Freedman Center to schedule a consultation.

We provide:

  • Support for publishing and sharing open access research
    • Scholarly Commons is an online archive of the CWRU community that provides open access to scholarly output and creative work of CWRU faculty, staff, and students.
    • OSF (Open Science Framework) is an open source data storage and project collaboration platform that is available to host and share data, papers, and files with the academic community


Researchers in need of specialized data analysis but do not or cannot install new programs on their own machines can utilize MyApps. MyApps provides a virtual desktop environment with access to run all of the software licensed to any CWRU community member based on program of study, course enrollment or role at the university, without the need for installation on a computer.

MyApps enables remote access to research and analysis software like MatLab, ChemOffice+, Origin, NVivo, SAS, ArcGIS Pro, and many more. 

MyApps can be accessed via a computer running an up-to-date version of a web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari).

MyApps can also be accessed from any mobile device, such as an iOS or Android device, by installing the Citrix Workspace app from that device’s app store