Vehicle Insurance

Case Western Reserve UniversityThe University has a Vehicle Insurance Policy which provides liability and physical damage for University vehicles, as well as vehicles that are rented or leased on behalf of the university. Vehicle insurance ID cards are distributed to all departments who have vehicles and are to be placed in the glove compartment for easy access.

ID cards are also distributed to departments that have employees who travel and rent vehicles frequently as part of their employment. Employees who will be traveling and renting a vehicle should contact Dina Leinweber at 216.368.1547 or to request a vehicle insurance ID card. Travelers should not pay for liability, theft or collision coverage when renting passenger vehicles in the United States for approved university business travel.

Travelers renting vehicles outside of the United States should purchase liability and physical coverage offered by the rental company.

Employees driving non-university owned vehicles for university business are required to carry insurance meeting the limits mandated by the State of Ohio (or the state of registry) for liability, uninsured motorist or other required coverages. Vehicle insurance for personal vehicles is the responsibility of the vehicle owner.