Guidelines + Policies

Program Parameters

Eligibility: Any individual of age 65 or older

Course Fee: $40 per credit hour for members of Siegal Lifelong Learning; $50 per credit hour for nonmembers

Membership: Click here to become a Siegal Lifelong Learning member. 

Limit on number of courses that can be taken by a CAPSC participant per term: None

Lifetime limit on the number of courses that can be taken by a CAPSC participant: None

Academic Records: For courses taken under CAPSC participant status: (1) course grades will not be issued; (2) academic credits will not be awarded; (3) no transcript records will be made; (4) courses cannot be repeated at a later date for academic credit.

CWRU Policies for CAPSC

Limits on the number of CAPSC participants enrolled in a particular course: For courses with an overall enrollment of fewer than 10 students, one CAPSC participant may enroll; for courses with 10 or more students, no more than 10% of the class may be CAPSC participants.

Timing of registration for CAPSC participants: In order to allow regular students a full opportunity to enroll in courses/sections with enrollment limits or desirable times, CAPSC participants will not be officially registered in a course until one week prior to the start of the semester.

Faculty Approval: Faculty members have sole discretion on whether to allow a particular individual to enroll as a CAPSC participant.


For more information, contact Felicia Westbrooks at 216.368.3195 or email