ACT Daily Team Meeting: Video & Learning Guide


This Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Daily Team Meeting Training Video demonstrates how a multidisciplinary ACT team functions to support and advance the recovery of people enrolled in ACT services. The ACT team in this video demonstrates an adherence to the format, pace, and content of a daily team meeting that is consistent with high-fidelity ACT services. 

The ACT daily team meeting has two basic components: format and pace. The meeting format is simple. It is a gathering of service providers from multiple disciplines who are dedicated to team cohesiveness, team collaboration, and the recovery of people with severe mental illness. The team leader keeps the pace of the meeting by focusing on the roster (list) of names of people enrolled in ACT services. All team members discuss what they know about each person's life experiences and recovery in the last 24 hours and the next 24 hours. The team leader keeps the discussion focused on the 24-hour cycle. This close look at yesterday and today is very important. It helps keep the pace of the meeting.

We have also created a Learning Guide Booklet, a 12-page resource that features 36 learning highlights for specific scenes in the video. Each learning highlight is marked by a timestamp (e.g., 1:55) for reference. 

Access the 33-minute video on YouTube.
Download the 12-page booklet.