ACT Timeline for Implementation


This booklet provides a timeline for developing Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) services during the first year of implementation. Use this booklet to guide your activities and to communicate with stakeholders inside your organization and in your community. This timeline serves three purposes:

  • It provides an overview of and introduction to important tasks in the ACT implementation process and, thus, helps you develop realistic expectations.
  • It provides a benchmark for your current activities.
  • It serves as a record (or checklist) of the incremental progress that you will make over time.

We encourage you to view the booklet as a guide to and checklist for your activities and not as a procedural manual that must be followed step by step. The items in this resource are listed (numbered) in a way to help you organize the process of implementing ACT and to help you track your progress. You will likely address some items sequentially, but you will also experience some variation to the order in which you begin and complete them. There may be simultaneous activity and overlap as well. 

We have also developed a mini poster (8.5x11”) as a companion to the booklet. 

Download the 20-page booklet.
Download the 8.5x11” mini poster.