Core Principles and Recommended Interventions for Supported Employment

2005, 2007

Developed by Paul M. Kubek, Sarah Swanson & Patrick E. Boyle

This poster is a quick guide for direct-service providers utilizing the core principles of Supported Employment (SE), the evidence-based practice. This poster provides recommended interventions for each principle for the following service providers: supported-employment specialists, mental health professionals, and vocational-rehabilitation counselors. Display this poster in your office. Use it as a reminder to ask yourself an important question for each person you serve each time you meet with him or her.

  • "Which of the core principles do I need to focus upon today in this moment?
  • "What can I do to keep myself aligned with this person's employment goals?"

Also, use this poster as an educational tool. Facilitate conversations about SE with consumers, family members, and community stakeholders. A mini poster handout version (8.5x11”) of this poster is also available.

Download the 18x24” poster.
Download the 8.5x11” poster.