Every Journey Has a Story


Produced by Matthew K. Weiland and Paul M. Kubek
Content development by Nicole Clevenger

This collection of recorded stories, originally produced as a CD, features Nicole Clevenger telling her story of recovery and providing insight into the importance of work and Supported Employment (SE), the evidence-based practice, in that journey. The CD also features several short tracks from service providers who share some take-home tips about SE, benefits planning, and motivational interviewing.

SE is different from traditional vocational rehabilitation approaches. It is designed specifically to help people diagnosed with mental illness find a regular job of their choice in the community. It emphasizes rapid job-search and placement services, among other consumer-centered principles and practices. It does not require pre-employment training or workshops.

Use these audio files for educating, training, and building consensus about the advantages of SE among consumers, family members, service providers, policymakers, advocates, community stakeholders, and potential employers, among others. Use these resources to advocate for SE services in your community.

Listen online to the full .mp3 audio here or download the files.

  1. Work Is Recovery (2m 38s) with Nicole Clevenger, BFA
  2. The Most Important Work You'll Ever Do (2m 38s) featuring: Patrick E. Boyle, MSSA, LISW, LICDC
  3. What Is Your Dream Job? (1m 37s) featuring: Mary Ann Hastings, MEd
  4. You're Not Working Why? (9m 24s) featuring: Nicole Clevenger, BFA
  5. Work Is Hope: Voc Rehab Supports Recovery (2m 53s) featuring: Leslie Alloway, MEd, CRC, LPC
  6. Wanting Something to Look Forward To (6m 3s) featuring: Nicole Clevenger, BFA
  7. That was the Feeling I was Missing (4m 37s) featuring: Nicole Clevenger, BFA
  8. The Cheese Wall—An SE Success Story (6m 44s - Four parts) featuring: Steve Shober, BS, LSW
  9. The Beginning of the Beginning for Me (4m 24s) featuring: Nicole Clevenger, BFA
  10. I Like Your Earrings (6m 15s) featuring: Nicole Clevenger, BFA
  11. Motivational Interviewing—A Quick Tutorial (4m 24s) featuring: Patrick E. Boyle, MSSA, LISW, LICDC
  12. Benefits Planning—Keeping Your World Glued Together (4m 25s) featuring: Nicole Clevenger, BFA
  13. Building Relationships through Benefits Planning (3m 11s) featuring: Steve Shober, BFA
  14. Benefits Planning Take-Home Tips (4m 11s) featuring: Steve Shober, BS, LSW
  15. A Happy Mommy (3m 56s) featuring: Nicole Clevenger, BFA