Living Skills Recovery Workbook

Precin, P. (1999). Living Skills Recovery Workbook. Butterworth-Heinemann.

This workbook provides clinicians with tools to help consumers with co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders (dual diagnoses) acquire basic living skills. It focuses upon stress management, time management, activities of daily living, and social-skills training. It emphasizes that each living skill may aid in recovery and relapse prevention for each consumer's individual lifestyle and pattern of addiction. This form of teaching and treatment encourages consumers to learn and use the skills necessary to remain drug free. It also teaches them how to manage their psychiatric symptoms to promote the highest level of integration into the community.

Easy-to-use exercises and instructions provide time-limited, cost-effective treatment that can be used in a variety of settings by consumers, occupational therapists, psychologists, and managed-care companies. The workbook includes 70 worksheets to help consumers learn about techniques to manage their symptoms and situations. This book may also be used by students in the classroom to help bridge theory and practice.

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