Sending Tobacco Use Up in Smoke


Developed by Paul M. Kubek, Deb Hrouda, Patrick E. Boyle & Matthew K. Weiland

This colorful poster is designed to help organizations inform people who use their services about the importance of "Tobacco: Recovery Across the Continuum" (TRAC), a stage-based motivational model for tobacco cessation. TRAC is designed to help people diagnosed with severe mental illness and/or substance use disorders reduce and eventually eliminate the use of tobacco products.

This poster translates professional jargon into common, everyday language that is accessible to diverse audiences. It provides some common beliefs about tobacco use that often dissuade people from attempting to quit the habit of tobacco. The poster also provides facts to correct each belief, essentially providing viewers with some reasons to ask about and try TRAC's tobacco-recovery and cessation approach.

Display this poster in the lobby of your building or in your office. Use it as an educational tool to facilitate conversations about the importance of tobacco recovery and cessation with consumers, family members, and community stakeholders.

A smaller (8.5x11”) poster is available as a handout for people to take with them.

Download the 18x24” poster.
Download the 8.5x11” poster.