VR & SE Partnership: Effective implementation strategies for Vocational Rehabilitation services and Supported Employment, the evidence-based practice


Developed by Lon Herman, Leslie Alloway, Sarah Swanson

Power-up to full partnership. This 16-page booklet outlines implementation strategies for collaboration between local offices of state vocational rehabilitation (VR) services and mental-health service organizations that provide Supported Employment (SE), the evidence-based practice, to consumers who have a severe mental illness. Strategies for the VR and SE partnership are organized into three stages of collaboration.

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Comprehensive

SE programs and local VR offices may wish to use this document to assess current levels of collaboration and to develop plans for improved partnership. The booklet also includes tips for direct-practice for vocational specialists and supported-employment specialists.

This best-practices guide was developed with collaboration among the following:

  • Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH)
  • Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission (ORSC)
  • Ohio Supported Employment Coordinating Center of Excellence (Ohio SE CCOE), an initiative of the Center for Evidence-Based Practices at Case Western Reserve University

Download this 16-page booklet.