A First Step to Integrated Primary & Behavioral Healthcare

Attend workshop "A-09, Tobacco Interventions: What Can You Do?" at our EBP Conference 2014 and learn some practical techniques for helping people with mental illness and substance use disorders consider the benefits of tobacco cessation no matter how ready they might be to quit or not. Learn about successful interventions that help people reduce and eliminate tobacco use and nicotine dependence and learn how to incorporate them into existing health and behavioral health services and consumer-operated services. Presenters will describe how tobacco products influence the symptoms of mental illness and substance abuse and interfere with the effectiveness of medications. / Register today for these EBP Conference 2014 workshops which address the primary health needs of people with mental illness:

  • A-09 | Tobacco Interventions: What Can You Do?
  • F-02 | Integration of Physical and Behavioral Healthcare in Ohio